Slideshow: The Internet is Turning us into “Lifestyle” Consumers

The following is a slideshow created for a presentation at USF regarding the consumerist cultural shift to resonating with brands that fit a perceived lifestyle. The findings are inspired by The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr; the Century of the Self, by Adam Curtis, a TED talk on cyber bubbles by Eli Parisier, and extensive researching of Cultural Capital, by Clyde McKendrick.

I refer to consumers as “us” instead of “them” to make the distinction that everyone is a consumer that is being effected by the Internet’s change in culture, even those in the boardrooms.

The internet is Making us “Lifestyle” Consumers from David Boyle
Main Takeaway: The Internet’s culture of decentralization has drawn new lines of social interaction. This, married with the psychological shift of products as extensions of ourselves has created a new consumer that yearns for brands that share its ethos and fit into a specific lifestyle niche.

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